In the Haaglanden region are many places of a great variety where homosexuals and lesbians meet. This page is far from complete, but does give an impression of the possibilities.

The least committing are the Gay Festivals. Pink Saturday is held on the last Saturday of June and is organised every year in another city. The Pink Monday fair in Tilburg takes place in July and the Canal Pride Parade in Amsterdam takes place in the beginning of August.

You will find groups where you can talk with boys and girls or men and women, who are engaged in activities, at De Kringen, Group 7152 (women) and at the CHJV (Christian young people). Four times a year the Lucas Church in The Hague organises Pink Celebrations on Sunday afternoon.

Apart from this there are other clubs for homosexuals and lesbians for swimming, singing, volleyball in The Hague and Delft, yoga. This makes it easy to meet men and women outside the entertainment scene.

The Hague, Delft, Leiden and Zoetermeer have a large range of meeting centres where you can go out. There are two saunas which are only open for men: Fides and Blue River. The Filmhuis in The Hague regularly shows gay movies.

Obviously, in summer you can go to the beach, where you find many nice boys on the nude beaches. Well-known nude beaches near The Hague are the Noorderstrand (walk north from Scheveningen) and the Zuiderstrand between Duindorp en Kijkduin (path from the Fuutlaan). Other places for sunbathing and watching are the nude beaches of Vlietlanden (Voorschoten), Delftse Hout en Wilhelminapark (Rijswijk).

Girls often meet through others, but there are clubs that organise fun happenings: 7152 and CHJC have a division in The Hague. But there is ELF (First Lesbian cycling club). Also look at woman and the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard.

Cruising is possible in the Scheveningse Bosjes and in the shrubbery near the junction Van Alkemadelaan and Pompstationsweg. Anonymous contacts are also possible through contact ads in the Via Via or through chat boxes.

You can meet men and women from other regions during holiday and special weekends.